WHO Newsletter | March 2018

The WHO season may be winding down, but the generosity has been winding up!!
Saturday Night Surprise. When the Weldon family contacted us, and mentioned they had purchased a few things for the homeless, we were deeply gratified. We didn’t expect what arrived at 6:15 that evening. These pictures describe it better than we can. Every bag has new shoes, coats, underwear, socks and such. The Weldon family said they had received some windfall funds. They wanted to do something special with it. This is what they chose. Words cannot express our gratitude for their generosity. Every guest received a bag. It was Christmas in February. Thank you Weldon Family. From our Team Member Traci: “They were working up a sweat working so hard to make sure everyone got something. The kids loved giving from the heart and the residents loved receiving from the heart.”

Wow and Double Wow! 7 LDS Congregations came together for a WHO donation drive. Thousands of water bottles, rolls of toilet paper, paper towels, eating utensils, plates, cups, bowls, laundry pods and cleaning supplies were collected to carry our homespun, ecumenical outreach through the end of the season. Words cannot express our gratitude and utter surprise at this effort. Thank you to everyone who donated, housed, hauled, and restocked us.

Thank you to The Columbian for this wonderful highlight, on February 7, of WHO, St. Paul Lutheran, St. Andrew Lutheran and Beautiful Savior Lutheran Churches. As quoted in the article, Geri Hiller, a member of St. Paul Lutheran Church, shared: “We can’t do this ourselves. It’s the most ecumenical thing that happens in Vancouver.” Adding that: “The shelter is “teamwork at its best,” with people of many faiths, requiring some 1,500 volunteers. Many hands truly make light work…

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WHO Newsletter | February 2018

WHO Teens Rock!! This season has blessed us with an abundance of outstanding teen volunteers. Some come with youth groups, others with parents, still others come solo. Everyone of them has rolled up their sleeves and jumped in. They sort piles of bedding laundry, play games with younger guests, make lunches, set out clothing, hold donation drives, lay out the mats, serve meals—and always with a smile.
We appreciate them and so do our residents. One particular night, we had a hard time getting our elementary school-aged boys to bed. All they wanted to do was follow the cool teen guys around. The younger’s even waited to wave good-bye to biggin’s as they ended their shift.

Is this not the cutest picture? (Pictured above or click PDF link below) St. Andrew Preschool & Kindergarten held a sock drive. Their principal shared that “the students donated 952 pairs of underwear and socks to Orchards Elementary and Evergreen Family and Community Resource Center. St. Andrew Lutheran Church, Preschool & Kindergarten are faith partners with Orchards Elementary School.” Lucky WHO gets to help with this. Giving is just the best!

Partnerships are the best!
At the end of January, we began our Starbucks donation program. Every other day we collect healthy, unsold, perishable food from the Starbucks near St. Andrew Lutheran Church—we pass along the goodies to our guests. Thank you to Starbucks and their FoodShare program and to Food Donation Connection* for bringing us together.
* Since 1992, Food Donation Collection has assisted food service companies with the development and implementation of Harvest Programs designed to provide an alternative to discarding surplus food. Learn more:
Willamette Dental Group showered us with three boxes of oral hygiene supplies for our guests. Everything all in easily transportable, reusable bags. Love this!

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WHO Newsletter | January 2018

Our team wanted to share one final beautiful story from 2017. We hope it will touch you as much as it touched us.

A Father’s Gift | Written by Amy Campbell, WHO Supporter
“Last Christmas my dad gave me and my sister each $200 ‘to give to the needy.’ His thinking was that he wanted to give us something that would bring us genuine joy, as giving to others always brought him joy. My dad died in August and I decided that I wanted to donate my $200 to WHO. I also decided to donate another $200 in my father’s honor. I hope to make this a lifetime tradition in my family to honor his memory. Thank you for all you do for the homeless in our community. It isn’t much, but it brings me joy to give it to you to help the needy. My dad was right. Giving is good.”

There are a million ways to give. We are honored that Amy and her dad chose us. Happy 2018!

December Flew By! Like stars from heaven, so many lives shined  for WHO this season.
St. Paul Lutheran was blessed by Good Shepherd Community Church, Zion Lutheran Church Camas ELCA, St. Anne’s Episcopal Church, Chris Hiller & Friends and Family of Christ Lutheran Church. St. Andrew Lutheran was blessed by All Saints Episcopal Church, Bethel  Lutheran Church, Family of Christ Lutheran Church, LDS congregations of  Evergreen, Cascade Park, McLoughlin, Mtn. View and Evergreen Bible Church. An extra Special Shout Out to Congregation Kol Ami, Evergreen Bible Church, and individual volunteers who worked round the clock on Christmas Day. It’s was a Happy December!

Local photographer Ken Powell and his ‘glam squad’ showered guests at the St. Andrew WHO with delight and dignity, pampering them with Family Photo Christmas Cards.He donated his time and skill, the pictures, envelopes and postage. As the evening caseworker, Kris said, “Guests were profusely happy.” Thank you Mr. Powell—these will be treasured!

Special Thanks…

  • Santa’s Elves were very busy creating gift packets for all of the guests at the St. Andrew WHO. Don’t they look fun? Many thanks to the Danielle Garner Family.
  • H.U.G.S. from ESD 112, who delivered 7 bags of Hats|Underwear|Gloves|Socks from their donation collection—thus the acronym. Thanks to Lisa and Crew. Many happy feet, hands and heads!

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