WHO Newsletter | January 2019

Christmas at the St. Paul WHO was a wonderful melting of old friends and new. For the past several years, our wonderful friends at Congregation Kol Ami have taken the helm of the St. Paul shelter during the Christmas season. This is a beautiful gift to our volunteers from other faiths. We appreciate it so much. Our new friends, whom we look forward to continuing to connect with, come from Ontario Systems LLC. Heather Scukanec headed up a team of elves, Eddie & Kelly Mendenhall and Brenna Daughtery to build giant stockings for  the men to carry necessities with them. Such a perfect treat.

At the St. Andrew WHO, Christmas was truly remarkable. From the beauty of the St. Andrew services heard through out the building, to the amazing generosity of churches, volunteers and community support our guests were blessed. Special thanks to the volunteer crews from Members and Friends of the Vancouver Washington Stake, to the Danielle Garner family who provided the stockings for the second year in a row, and to the volunteer elves who put everything together for the guests.

Spotlight on Volunteers! For December, we would like to thank Andrea B. who has been a part of WHO for ages. She gets up every Thursday morning, before 6 a.m., and comes in to volunteer. She is a pro and really helps all the other volunteers when they are covering the bleary-eyed early morning shift. Thank you, Andrea!

One of the coolest parts of the WHO experience are all the generous teens that come to serve the homeless. On Dec. 19, the entire La Center High School basketball team served at St. Paul. They played games with the guests, helped in the kitchen and visited with the men. Awesome stuff. Go Wildcats!!

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WHO Newsletter | December 2018

We are extremely blessed by the support of St. John the Evangelist Catholic Church, who in Nov. hosted their 20th choir concert fundraiser for charity. For 15 of those 20 years, the collected funds have been donated to WHO and this year’s offering was nearly $8,000! The WHO will use this generosity with great care, as they always have. Thank you to everyone who created, donated, and participated in this event.

A double-dipper of donation generosity! On Nov. 17, the Sunshine Division of Portland pulled up in a huge truck bringing pallets of food related items for WHO. This is our first time partnering with this group. We are grateful for this new opportunity!

Spotlight on Volunteers:
Our monthly newsletter has a new feature: Volunteer(s) of the month! For December, we would like to thank Sandy Erickson (left) and Linda Harris (right), who have volunteered for WHO for the past 16 years.

-We have a scad of different nicknames for our extra volunteers. “Filler-Inners”, “Singlets”, “Indie-Volunteers”—whatever we call them, their gift is the same. They fill in when we have holes in the schedule and are invaluable to our organization. To every one of them we say: ‘Thanks!’

Would you like to host a drive for WHO? Contact Jane Seidel, WHO Donations Coordinator, at for suggested items

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WHO Newsletter | November 2018

Applebee’s Flapjack Fun-draiser! So many wonderful friends joined us, in fact 345 people supported us at 3 locations: Mill Plain, 112th and Hazel Dell. Donations totaled over $7,000! Multiple churches served the guests, sold tickets, and made this possible. Tons of fun—we can’t say “Thank You” enough for all the generosity that came our way!

WHO thrives because of the generosity of others. Last year, a volunteer noticed how difficult it was for the men of St. Paul Vancouver to climb up and down on the floor to sleep and get up daily. Inspired to action, she took up a collection and ordered 25 new cots for the facility. The stack of Amazon boxes arrived in late October, just days before the new mats, which were purchased by a grant from Council for the Homeless and the Ed & Dollie Lynch foundation. You can help, too! WHO St. Paul needs twin sheet sets and twin comforters for the new mats.

So blessed by the generosity of the Women of Bethel Lutheran Church and other congregations whose “Who Is My Neighbor?” conference was full of love, support and all these supplies for WHO. What a way to start our 16th Season!

You Can Host a Drive!

  • Supplies: Disinfectant wipes, windex, plates, bowls, and cups (350), napkins, sandwich bags, brown paper lunch sacks, paper towels and toilet paper and large black garbage bags.
  • Groceries: Koolaid, cups of soup or mac ‘n’ cheese, 5 loaves of bread per day, meat and cheese, peanut butter, jelly, lunch size bags of chips, fruit snacks or fruit cups, cookies, cereal, milk, fresh fruit, juice and baked goods.
  • Hygiene items: Toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, unscented small soaps, body lotion, hand cream, deodorant, diapers and feminine products.

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