We are the Winter Hospitality Overflow (WHO), an organization in Vancouver, Washington, devoted to helping those in need during winter’s coldest months.

Guests are offered not only a warm place to sleep, but a hot shower, meal, and the welcome and warmth of a caring community working to address the most basic of human needs.

Over the years, the generous contributions, donated facilities, and thousands of volunteer hours are testimonials to the compassionate response of the Clark County community.

 A Father’s Gift | Written by Amy Campbell, WHO Supporter

 “Last Christmas my dad gave me and my sister each $200 ‘to give to the needy.’ His thinking    was that he wanted to give us something that would bring us genuine joy, as giving to others always brought him joy. My dad died in August and I decided that I wanted to donate my $200 to WHO. I also decided to donate another $200 in my father’s honor. I hope to make this a lifetime tradition in my family to honor his memory. Thank you for all you do for the homeless in our community. It isn’t much, but it brings me joy to give it to you to help the needy. My dad was right. Giving is good.

If you are in need of assistance November 1 to March 30, call the Housing Hotline at (360) 695-9677, Monday to Friday, between 9 am to 5 pm and on weekends from 11 am to 2 pm.



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